Rover V8 & 2000 Parts

by Clive Morris
Published: 6 January 2021 (3 years ago)

Rover V8 & 2000 spares, all original. Lucas Rover 2000 dynamo working, prop and drive shafts, steering lock with ignition, heater box, all dash electrics, mats, front grilles, front discs and hubs, wheel trims, rear S1/S2 screens, 2000 very good head, all starters, rear suspension de-dion tubes, steering boxes, V8 heads, sump, 2000 head gaskets, reserve taps and speedo drives, SD1 manifold with carbs complete. Wheels, 2000 front panel, front deckers, V8 manifolds and engine parts, master cylinders, door locks and handles.