New Old Stock P6 Spares

by Ian
Published: 11 December 2021 (7 months ago)
Clackmannanshire, Central Scotland

NOS/OE SPARES SETS. Rear Bumper Iron Gaiter £10. Bonnet Buffer,8 pieces,£10. Pedal Rubber, 3 pieces, £25. Front Door Treadplate £30. Boot Lock £35. Wiper Arm £40. Plaque/ Motif, S2, 2000TC,9 pieces, £60. Door Armrest, 4 Cyl, Black, £80. Wheel Trim, S2, Exc. 3500S, £120. New/Unused Jack, Wheel Brace and complete Tool Roll. Offers. Exterior Trim. Front Windscreen, Header and Cantrails, 9 pieces, Offers. Light, S2, 7pieces, £800. (Scotland) Email or Tel: 07786 299622.