1971 Rover 2000 Auto New Zealand built

by Chris Wilson
Published: 16 April 2023 (1 year ago)

1971 Rover 2000 Auto New Zealand built

This is a Nelson, New Zealand built Completely Knocked Down (CKD) 2000 Auto, that was imported into the UK in the 1990s by Brian Silvester, former Chief Research Engineer at Rover, and the man responsible for the design and testing of the 5-cylinder P6 engine.

The car was used briefly in the UK before being parked up. I acquired it after his death from a family friend who has been asked to sell it. The car was running but had extensive panel damage.

The bodyshell has been welded, with a replacement boot floor fitted. The boot floor has been modified to round the leading edge, as per the rally cars, and has dual spare wheel mounts. The fuel tank has been replaced with a V8 15 gallon tank, with fillers on both side, and the decker panel modified to reflect this.

The roof has been replaced, as have most panels. The majority of panels are from a December 64 car. The doors have been fitted with electric windows – not currently wired in, as this is a work in progress. The electric windows came from 102FJJ, and were used in the development of the 3500S US-Spec NADA car. The electric sunroof comes with the car, but is not currently fitted.

The interior is from an early car – the backs of the rear seats are wooden, and reflect early 63/64 A-suffix cars. It was fitted to 102FJJ when that car was disassembled in the 80s, and moved to another car with factory provenance, as were the electric windows/sunroof. The gear level/handbrake console is from a NADA, and has been recovered in black vinyl. The engine is not currently running. The side plates have just been replated, and are awaiting fitting. Many parts have been replaced, and it comes with a spare SC cylinder head, and a TC one also.

All four main wheels have been powdercoated. The brakes need replacing, as the car only stops on the handbrake. Lucas spotlights are fitted on the front bumper, with Cibie’s under it. Lucas rear lights are on the rear bumper – one as a fog light, one as a reversing light. Both need wiring in.

This is a project car, with a huge amount of factory-related history, and probably wouldn’t take more than a few weekends to get running again.

Offers around £3000, to include a lot of spare parts.