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Sunday 9th August 2015




Saturday 18th April & Saturday 12th September 2015

CLASSIC VIRGINS EVENT at Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon, Warkwickshire CV35 0BJ, 10.00 am - 4.30pm

The day is designed to encourage and support potential classic car owners. The target group will be people seriously considering buying a classic car in the near future. The participants (max. 18) will be divided into groups for the morning session.
Programme draft - Welcome & briefing. Theory session on buying and owning a classic. Finance (buying & maintaini
ng), facilities, skills, clubs, insurance, social scene etc.
Workshop session with experienced tutors: Can I look after a classic? An insight into the skills required. Lubrication etc. Ign
ition, carburettor etc. - some ‘basic hands’ on. Hospitality including lunch provided for all participants and car owners.
Car rides: Participants will be taken for a ride in a classic car
- 9/10 miles on country roads - driven by car owners and rendezvous at Laser Tools at Southam. Following a brief informative tour/display passengers change cars for return journey to Gaydon. De-briefing meeting.Volunteer cars - Expectation is to use volunteers within reach of Gaydon (CV35 0BJ).
Expenses: £20.00 will be available to each car owner towards fuel. Volunteer car owners can take part throughout the day but are under no obligation to deliver any formal input other than the afternoon drives and informal discussion. Naturally each volunteer car must comply with Road Traffic Acts.
Contact Bob Wilkinson. 01832 734463 or email: